Sunsetter awning problems

Awning works great, no problems with it the past 4 years. Wish the permanent aluminum cover provided covered the whole awning like the vinyl ones do for the wall mounts but it works ok. Covers the top and sides, front is exposed when rolled up. ... I bought my second SunSetter awning about two months ago. It was a 12 ft motorized awning with.

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New Fabric for your Sunsetter® Awning. We custom make new replacement covers to fit the Sunsetter® brand awnings. The covers are sewn and ready to be installed and come complete with a new valance. We use Acrylic Solar Pro® and Sunbrella® fabrics and both come with a 10 year warranty. The thread is Tenara®, made by GORE® and comes with a ....




Apr 13, 2012 · * Fully open the awning, then unplug the power cord. * If you don't want to adjust the height in general, only the sagging side, you would only need to adjust that side's arm bracket. * Clamp a bubble level to the front bar * Have the helper lift the sagging end of the front bar a couple of inches higher than its level height..

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These are the types of problems that only well-fed, well-bred and well-off Americans could possible have, and it sickens me to think of all the wonderful things that COULD be sold, but are not, that could truly help less-fortunate people. Case in point - Item #1 - Sunsetter Awnings. The commercial for this motorized patio awning starts with a.