Reproduction ww2 us navy uniforms

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Fabric & Color: Yes, we are very certain that our uniforms are the same color as the real ones used in WWII. The 8 oz. 100% cotton twill is the same weight as used on the real WWII uniforms. Yes, some reproductions are made from heavier material (approaching denim) - but we're going by the original, not a copy.

American Equipage is your place for the most authentic U.S. reproduction uniforms.Here you can buy World War 2 Bomber Jackets Uniforms, Shearling Gunner ... WW2 Uniforms. Displaying products 1 - 30 of 51 ... These are official contractors to the US Navy & Coast Guard for leather flight jackets. Brand New Repro U.S. WWII.




Our US M37 Wool Field Shirt is a reproduction of the standard issue Wool Field Shirt worn by the US Army and US Army Air Forces during WW2. Khaki, summer uniform. Many have become strongly associated with the history and the titanic struggles of that time and represent the stories of the combat soldiers who carried them. Item #51178.

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