Hooters costume

A Hooters waitress posted a TikTok video discussing how much she makes in tips. During one shift, she said she earned $408 — and $60 of that came from just talking to a customer. The tips she.

Hooters style Long Peavey Scrunch Socks are the finishing touch to your Hooters girl costume! Made using a cotton and nylon blend, these tall slouch socks are durable and comfortable. These socks will complete your ensemble turning you into a member of the Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined wait staff.

Prior to the uniform change, Hooters uniforms focused on emphasizing the female staff members' cleavage courtesy of tight fits and plunging necklines The hotpant-style shorts that they used to wear.




Pretty much everyone has heard of, if not visited, a Hooters restaurant.While they're known for their wings, the Atlanta-based chain's big claim to fame, of course, is the skimpy costumes the exclusively female servers wear and their delicious chicken wings.Between the tiny orange shorts and the tight white tank tops—with the chain's name emblazoned across the chest—there's no mistaking.

Mar 28, 2017 · Hot Legs USA is proud to bring you the sexiest Hooters style outfits around. This classic Halloween costume is a must-have, especially for parties! Get ahead of the Halloween costume rush and get your Hooters girl costume today – Hot Legs USA has all the supplies you need to emulate America’s favorite waitresses, down to the slouch socks ....

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