2020. 10. 27. · It is recognizing 28/02/2020 as the present date, but it changes the context to the same date in 2019 through the Sales LY column. This is why CALCULATE is such an important function in Power BI. It allows you to perform calculations in many different ways, like when you need to find the difference between the Total Sales and Sales LY.

CALCULATE evaluates all the explicit filter arguments in the original evaluation context, each one independently from the others. This includes both the original row contexts (if any) and the original filter context. Once this evaluation is finished, CALCULATE starts building the new filter context. CALCULATE makes a copy of the original filter.




CrossFilter DAX Function. CrossFilter function is neither tabular nor scalar function, It is a specific type of function that changes the direction of a relationship. This function cannot be used just by itself, it has to be used as the filter part of other functions such as Calculate. Here is how the function works;.

DAX - FILTER inside CALCULATE. CALCULATE in DAX is such a powerful and complex function to fully understand. In essence what CALCULATE will do is modify the current filter context. And it does this by evaluating both the current filter context and the filters applied by CALCULATE. The syntax for CALCULATE is: =CALCULATE ( [Expression.

This is the final blog in a series about DAX and Power BI. This post focuses on the CALCULATE function, which is a unique function in DAX. The CALCULATE function has the ability to alter filter contexts, and therefore can be used to enable extremely powerful and complex processing. This post covers some of the most common scenarios for using CALCULATE, and some of the gotchas in the way in.