Griswold cast iron

There are other benefits to choosing Griswold cast iron besides the quality of the cookware. Another reason to opt for a vintage Dutch oven or skillet is the visual appearance. The design of vintage cast iron has an old-world charm that many find warm and appealing. Especially the older cast iron pans that have early logos..

Amazon.com: griswold cast iron skillet. ... Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Hot Handle Holder - 12 inch Cast Iron Frying Pan with Silicone Hot Handle Holder (Black) Cast Iron. ... Cooking Pan Size. 3 to 7 in. 8 to 9 in. 10 to 11 in. 12 to 13 in. 14 in. & above; From Our Brands. Griswold 699 Size-6 Pans as Mother's Day.

Step 2. Locate the city of manufacture listed on the bottom of the Griswold skillet. Some of the oldest and most sought after Griswold skillets simply have the city name Erie listed on the.




For more info on cast iron and use and cleaning I recommend the Wagner and Griswold Society or the Griswold and Cast Iron Cookware Association websites. Both sites have open forums and can be used by non members. big_iron 13 years ago Hello Robin, I have a pan that is the same size as yours, also by AB&I. It is fully 15 inches across (15").

Dec 13, 2020 · Sunday Dec 13th, 2020. Founded in Erie in 1868, Griswold had a world-wide reputation for high quality, cast iron cookware. Hagen History Center, Curator Rebecca Weiser, gives a history of Griswold Cast Iron and best practices to take care of your cast iron! Visit the mansion’s kitchen display on the first floor to see a small portion of our ....

1. Grease the HECK out of your lamb pan. I cannot stress how important this is. Some of the vintage lamb pans, like mine, have so many tiny details in them that if you don’t get every single nook and cranny, you are going to end up with a disaster on your hands.